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Company information
Business name Hotel Boom di Gualandris Sara
Legal head office Via Podgora, 5
47921 Rimini (Rn)
VAT registration 03922060409
Personal data responsabilities Sara Gualandris

Privacy Policy

The following information explains binding privacy laws to which Boom Hotel of Gualandris Sara is committed with reference to guest’s privacy in the directive on Data Protection connected to this website. On this page are described website management methods when it comes to the user’s personal data. This disclosure statement pursuant to and in accordance with Article 13 of the Italian legislative decree n. 196/2003 (privacy codes of practice) with reference to those who make use of Web services specifically related to the internet address: . The following guidelines are only binding for this internet address and do not concern other linked web addresses. Those who browse on this website are aware of personal data privacy conditions mentioned in the legislative decree quoted above. Hotel Boom of Gualandris Sara with legal head office located at Via Podgora, 5 47921 Rimini (Rn) with legal representative pro tempore owns the privacy data collected used at the Company’s head office for purposes stated by the privacy law that include direct marketing promotional methods in agreement with the users wishes.
Web services connected to this site are exclusively handled and taken care of by the company’s appointed internal employees or by outside collaborators who provide occasional maintenance or website management. The Personal information presented by users requesting the dispatch of informative material or who are subscribed to newsletters is used for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the services agreed upon. This data may also be used by the company for the following reasons: a) customer relationship management; b) the implementation of the company’s business commitments; c) other purposes connected and related to the company’s activities (for example to improve the quality of the services offered even if not strictly related to the ones requested by the one involved; market surveys on customer satisfaction, etc.). Users voluntary provide their personal data and whenever the need arises for retrieving it, it is exclusively used for supplying the services desired.

The user will be requested to provide the following information upon booking accommodation : name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number and room preferences; this data is required for the sole objective of processing the submitted booking. The email address will be used by Boom Hotel of Gualandris Sara to send booking confirmation and, if needed, to contact the user in order to obtain necessary information for processing the requested accommodation. Hotel Boom of Gualandris Sara may also use contact data for the following purposes: sending the user a summary message prior to his arrival with booking confirmation details, to provide further information concerning the location and accommodation facility; to send special deals and offers in harmony with laws and regulations on privacy and data security; to send periodic customer satisfaction surveys or market surveys. At any given time the user may cancel his/her consent to the use of personal data related to market surveys. The user may also cancel his/her consent to survey participation.

Direct Marketing

As mentioned above, we desire providing information on new products, deals, special offers and other information that we believe you may find interesting. By ticking the checkbox you will allow us to send information by mail and by phone call unless otherwise noted during your booking. At any given time the user may contact us through this email address to cancel his/her consent to the use of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. If the use of personal has been blocked, commercial offers will never be sent and the personal information provided will be utilized for the sole purpose of replying to your request.

Web Browsing Data

If processed by associations who analyze web browsing data together with information obtained by third-party associations, users may be identified. Web browsing data categories include IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the users as they connect to the website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), date and time of the submitted request, the method used to submit the request, the size of the files received, the numeric code indicating the reply status given by the server and other parameters related to the operating systems and user’s computing environment. This data is used for the sole purpose of extracting statistical information on the website’s use and it’s correct functionality. The data is immediately deleted after being elaborated. This data is exclusively used by the Italian judicial authorities to ascertain responsibilities toward alleged computer crimes that may be detrimental to the website.


Cookies are created by a server and later stored on text files saved on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies are used to improve website specific functionalities related to fast web browsing and content selection based on past choices to estimate the user’s preferences. Cookies may be permanent (persistent cookies) or may have a limited duration (session cookies). This website uses both persistent and session cookies . Session cookies are stored permanently on your computer and later vanish after closing the browser. Persistent cookies are used to personalize the users browsing experience in relation to his device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Third-party cookies are used to analyze website access (for ex. Google Analytics) and allow users to share the website contents through social network (FB) or email (Add This). These cookies are stored permanently on your computer and may remain active depending on their functionality.
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Our website uses Google Analytics of Google, Inc., to make use of their statistical information services and website performance analysis by the use of cookies. Browse this page to read the Google Analytics privacy disclosure statement. Google’s privacy policy is also available on this page

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The website may use Google Adwords software and Google Remarketing assistive technology. Both are managed by Google Inc.. Cookies are also used by monitoring functionalities belonging to AdWords conversions. Once the user clicks on an announcement a cookie is saved onto the his computer to help in keeping track of sales and other conversions. This cookie remains active for 30 days but does not collect or monitor information that may identify the user personally. Users may disable monitoring cookies used by Google conversions on their browser settings. In some cases cookies may give problems during log-in or when browsing the AdWords account. If this happens, the best way to solve the problem is to empty the internet browser cache in order to delete all saved cookies. To know more visit the webpage The user may also download a browser plugin which disables cookies belonging to Google Analytics. The plug is available on

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Data provided voluntarily by users

By submitting optional, direct and voluntary emails to the addresses listed on this website, as well as form compilation, the sender allows the use of his email address and other personal data listed in his message so that the request may be processed.

Data protection

The user may choose to provide his personal data by filling request forms or other website sections that offer informative materials and notifications. Failure to provide this data may not hinder the possibility of receiving anonymously what is requested. Personal data is elaborated through automated tools for the necessary amount of time needed to follow up on the request. Specific security measures are applied in order to prevent data loss, data breaches, wrong or non authorised database use.

Processing of personal data

Your personal data will be elaborated through automated tools for the necessary amount of time needed to follow up on the request. Specific security measures are applied in order to prevent data loss, data breaches, wrong or non authorised use. At any given time the user has the right to receive confirmation of the existence of his personal data within the database and ascertain its content, origin, verify it’s correctness, request it’s integration, update it or rectify it (art. 7 of the Italian legislative decree n. 196/2003). The same legislative decree allows users to request data deletion, transformation to anonimus form or block retained data that is breaching the law as well as object to its use for legitimate reasons. When Privacy data conditions are periodically modified their validity is within immediate effect. This document is published on the web address and constitutes Privacy conditions regulating the web site. Everytime updates will be published the publishing date will also be provided.